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Consolidating of National Aviation Law

The work of the sub-group responsible for the Consolidation on National Aviation Law is to provide advice to the Aviation Advisory Committee, based on industry feedback towards an efficient and effective legal framework in view of national interest and policies.

The works and objectives of this sub-group include, amongst others, the harmonization of efforts by public stakeholders to enact effective national aviation law;  ensure adherence of national aviation law with international aviation law, European Union law, industry standards and recommended practices for the safe and orderly development of the Maltese civil aviation; provide regulatory guidelines to the Aviation Advisory Committee and its sub-groups; advice on aviation law that is either obsolete or superseded by European Union Law or by other national law; consolidate national aviation law to provide the Government of Malta with the necessary tools to promote, regulate and facilitate aviation for all aviation stakeholders as well as Malta’s airspace users.



Aviation Advisory Committee 

Address: Francesco Buonamici Street, 

Telephone: +356 22922024​