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Sustainable aviation

The sustainable aviation sub-group (SAG) addresses the requirements on the Maltese aviation industry to develop in a sustainable manner  in terms of the economic, environmental and social dimensions and in the context of an Island State with one international airport and a large Malta Flight Information Region. Aviation is essential for economic growth. It is its carbon based fuels which are the problem and therefore particular emphasis is being placed on environmental aspects and the fulfilment of climate change obligations and goals. 

Having identified all the important national and international obligations Malta has signed up to, as well as, Malta’s own environmental and sustainability goals, the SAG has looked at all potential carbon emission reduction activities which could be implemented in either the shorter term (from this year up to end of this decade) or in the  longer term (by 2050). A top 10 list of the most promising areas has been selected. 

This sub-group is now focused on the identification of those areas and actions which are of particular relevance to the circumstances of the Maltese Islands, its airport, its airspace and its various aviation industries and their personnel. Practical recommendations are being developed, fitting into the local context, to be included as part of the overall aviation strategy for Malta. Eventually a list of actions with the involved stakeholders, the potential benefits and the related timescales will be finalised and presented to Maltese Aviation Stakeholders for their support and commitment to deliver. 



Aviation Advisory Committee 

Address: Francesco Buonamici Street, 

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