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DemoEV stands for “Demonstrating the feasibility of electric vehicles towards climate change mitigation”. As the name itself implies, the main goal of this project is to introduce electric vehicles in the Maltese Islands while testing and demonstrating the feasibility of full electric vehicles in the Maltese context while providing one solution towards meeting the 2020 climate change targets. 

This project will contribute towards these objectives by implementing a pilot that will run from September 2011 to December 2014.  Twenty-four full electric vehicles of different sizes and segments will be distributed among volunteers ranging from private households, commercial delivery companies and government entities.  
The uniqueness of this pilot project lies in the fact that the vehicles will be tried and tested by private citizens and companies who will use these electric vehicles as their primary household/business car, and thus test the actual feasibility of electric vehicles when applied in the day-to-day household and commercial needs.  In this way, therefore, the vehicles will be tested in the context in which they are meant to be used and the project will be able to properly assess the cars’ efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the Maltese context.
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