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Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for Transport

graph_coverpage_highres.pngConnecting Europe Facility 2.0 (CEF 2.0) 

The general objectives of the CEF 2.0 are to build, develop, modernise, and complete the trans-European networks in the transport, energy, and digital sectors. It also facilitates cross-border cooperation in the field of renewable energy, considering the long-term decarbonisation commitments and the goals of increasing European competitiveness. The programme facilitates synergies among the transport, energy, and digital sectors. The adopted regulation (EU) 2021/1153 on CEF 2.0 may be accessed here.


EU Budget

The total EU-wide CEF budget for the period starting from 1st January 2021 to 31st December 2027 is €33,710,000,000 (in current prices). This includes in part the transport sector:

Transport€25,807,000,000 (incl. €11,286,000,000 for cohesion countries).

The Connecting Europe Facility for Transport is a funding instrument that supports projects aimed at building new transport infrastructure in Europe or rehabilitating and upgrading the existing ones. The specific objectives of the CEF in the transport sector are (a) to contribute to the development of projects of common interest relating to efficient, interconnected, and multimodal networks and infrastructure for smart, interoperable, sustainable, inclusive, accessible, safe, and secure mobility in accordance with the objectives of Regulation (EU) No 1315/2013 (b) to adapt parts of the TEN-T for the dual use of the transport infrastructure with a view to improving  both civilian and military mobility. Further information on the Connecting Europe Facility - Transport may be found on the CINEA website.


The CEF 2.0 programme shall be managed by the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA), which was established on 1st April 2021. For further information about CINEA you may access this link​.

CINEA Public Dashboard

On 30 January 2023, CINEA launched a new Public Dashboard which provides a comprehensive overview of the portfolio of programmes and projects it manages on behalf of EC. The dashboard aims to communicate publicly real-time info on the programmes and projects managed by CINEA in an easy, transparent, flexible, and user-friendly manner. It includes direct access to the project fact-sheets. The dashboard includes filter options to delve deeper into specific areas that aim to demonstrate the implementation of different projects across programmes.

There are tailored data visualisations that allow users to identify in real time how much funding and how many projects/participants benefit from support from various EU funding programmes, including Connecting Europe Facility (CEF): Transport and Energy. CEF contributes to the monitoring and reporting objectives as provided under Article 22(4) of the CEF Regulation. CINEA issued a communication campaign which is available on the website and DG MOVE’s.

CEF Transport call for proposals
Open Calls

Calls for proposals: Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Facility

A r
olling call with multiple cut off dates has been launched on 16th September 2021. The objective is to support the deployment of Alternative Fuel supply infrastructure, contributing to decarbonising transport along the TEN-T network. The following Actions will be supported.

          • Actions supporting the roll-out of electricity fast-charging infrastructure of a minimum power output of 150kW, including electricity grid connexion, on the TEN-T road network
          • Actions supporting LNG bunkering for TEN-T maritime and inland ports 
          • Actions supporting the roll-out of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure on the TEN-T road network and in urban nodes, with priority to long haul heavy-duty transport and public transport
          • Actions supporting the roll-out of hydrogen refuelling and electricity recharging infrastructure dedicated to and heavy-duty vehicles 
  • ​Actions supporting the deployment of alternative fuels for TEN-T maritime ports, inland waterways, and inland ports, and airports​

A virtual information day was held on 14th October 2021. You may access the recorded session by clicking 
here. To access the calls below please access the link here. All cut-off dates close at 5:00 pm Malta time. The cut-off dates are:
- Fourth cut-off date: 13th April 2023
- Fifth and last cut-off date: 7th November 2023

For further information please consult the AFIF Factsheet

The Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital projects, in collaboration with Business First and Ministry for Energy, Environment and Enterprise organised a Business Breakfast as an info session to promote the AFIF in Malta. Private and public entities were invited to learn about the funding opportunities available. This was a closed event, by registration. 
Presentation 3​

Member State’s Approval

It is to be noted that all project submissions require the Member State’s approval. In the case of Malta, the signatory is the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects (MTIP). The full and complete application form is to be submitted to MTIP by no later than 3 weeks prior to the deadline of submission of the project by CINEA. MTIP may request further clarifications and/or request meetings with the project’s applicant. 

NB: MTIP may not be in position to provide Member State’s approval if the application form is not fully provided and completed on time. 

Closed Calls

2022 CEF Transport call for proposals

The 2022 CEF Transport call for proposals under CEF was opened on 13 September 2022 and closed on 18 January 2023. The call made 5.12 billion euros available for projects targeting new upgraded and improved European transport infrastructure. Projects funded under this call help to increase the sustainability of the transport network, putting the EU on track to meet the European Green Deal objective of cutting transport emissions by 90% by 2050. The indicative total budget of the call is to support infrastructure projects on the Core and Comprehensive TEN-T networks in the following areas: 

  • inland waterways, maritime and inland ports
  • road safety, multimodal logistics platforms and passenger hubs
  • smart and interoperable applications for transport
  • infrastructure resilience, safe and secure mobility.​

2021 CEF Transport call for proposals

On 16 September 2021, CINEA launched a call for proposals under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for Transport funding instrument, which makes €7 billion available for projects aiming to build, upgrade and improve European transport infrastructure. These include the General envelope, Cohesion envelope, Military Mobility and Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Facility (AFIF). The call’s deadline was on 19 January 2022.

Selection Results

On response to calls for proposals issued under CEF Transport in September 2021, 135 transport infrastructure projects were selected under CEF Transport, with an EU-wide budget of 5,400,000,000 euros. The projects were selected from amongst the 399 submitted proposals under CEF.

The funding supports projects across all EU MSs along the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). The EC is committed to “improve the missing infrastructure links, make transport more sustainable and efficient, increase safety and interoperability, as well as create jobs. These challenging times have reinforced the importance of our EU transport sector and of having a seamless, well connected infrastructure network.” For further info click here.

Projects include: 

  • The creation of secure and safe parking infrastructure for lorries;
  • Upgrades of basic port infrastructure, incl. onshore power supply for docked ships;
  • Improved cross-border inland waterway connections and
  • Series of pilot Digital European Sky Demonstrators for green aviation and urban air mobility.